Board Position Descriptions


 ·         Chief Executive Officer of the Chapter and the Board
·         Ensure the Board adheres to its bylaws and constitution
·         Prepare the Board’s agenda with input from the Board Members
·         Chair Board meetings
·         Orients Board Members and committee chairpersons to the Board
·         Preside over all meetings of the Chapter
·         Appoint Committee chairpersons
·         Promote the organization’s purpose in the community and to the media
·         Fill all vacancies which may occur
·         Call special meetings
·         Serve as Member Ex-Officio and attend  committee meetings as required, with voting rights
·         Acts as one of the signing officers for disbursement checks and other official documents
·         Prepare a report for the Annual General Meeting
·         Ensure programs and services are implemented


·         Serve on the Board
·         Record the proceedings of the Chapter and the Board Meetings
·         Take official meeting minutes
·         Ensure there is a quorum
·         Record Board attendance
·         Record all motions and decisions
·         Sign, Board minutes and corrections to attest to their accuracy
·         Maintain copies of Board and committee meeting minutes
·         Distribute copies of minutes promptly
·         Manage communications received by the chapter
·         Maintain copies of the Chapter Bylaws and Board’s policy statements
·         Maintain records of all Board correspondence
·         File the amendments to the bylaws and other incorporating documents with the Corporate Registry
·         Sign official documents of the Chapter as required
·         Chair Board meetings in the absence of the President


·         Serve on the Board
·         Manage day to day financial affairs of the Board
·         Manage the accounting of the funds of the organization, its budget and expenditures
·         Keep full and accurate accounts of all organizational receipts and disbursements
·         Receive and bank all monies due to the organization
·         Prepare monthly financial reports and file for audit
·         Report on financial state at board meetings
·         Disburse funds as directed by the Board
·         Act as signing officer with the President for checks and other documents
·         Be responsible for creating and filing necessary financial reports, tax reports, and audits.
·         Ensure compliance with local and corporate fiduciary responsibilities



VP Marketing and Communications

·         Serve on the Board
·         Chair the Marketing and Communications Committee and report on Committee’s progress to the Board
·         Coordinate San Antonio Chapter IIBA special events including (but not limited to) monthly meetings, networking events, roundtables, brown bags, etc
·         Timely dissemenation of information both to and from the chapter Membership 
·         Promotion of the local Chapter and IIBA to internal and external publications
·         Maintain the Chapter website
·         Maintain the Chapter email for all Board Members
·         Learn duties of the President and keep informed of key issues
·         Serve as the President during times of the President's absense

VP Professional Development:

·         Serve on the Board
·         Chair the Professional Development Committee and report on Committee’s progress to the Board
·         Promote Business Analysis Professionalism (IIBA Certification, Alternative Training and Certification Programs)
·         Increase the Competence of the Business Analysis Community (Identify External Seminars and Workshops, Partner with Career Development Organizations)
·         Recruit speakers to present at Chapter meetings that provide knowledge and information in line with the BABOK and provide information that helps the advancement of the BA role
·         Learn duties of the President and keep informed of key issues